The Finishing Company’s experience extends to serve a wide range of industrial companies. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to providing our services within these guidelines.

We also have experience in serving the following industries and applications:

  • Agricultural Equipment, livestock: hog and cattle feed grid, trough guards
  • Air Filtration, Industrial: filter holder assemblies, housing supports, motor guards
  • Air and Gas Compressors: axle rods, frame assemblies, housing supports, motor guards
  • Appliances, Household and Commercial: fan guards, grills, oven racks, shelving
  • Automotive: battery retainers, brace wires, hood prop rods, seal assemblies
  • Aviation, Missiles and Rocketry: custom structural wire & base metal components
  • Construction Materials: glazing clips, reinforcing concrete pad mats & tunnel mats
  • Fans and Blowers: fan guards, housing supports
  • Filing Equipment and Supplies: file holders/frames, locking assemblies
  • Furniture, Household: formed structural wire and metal leg & shelf assemblies
  • Furniture, Office & Systems: desk & panel frames, chair leg & support assemblies
  • Hospital equipment and supplies: IV holders, mattress stops
  • Lighting, Commercial: light guards, lamp supports
  • Marine Equipment: line anchors, structural supports
  • Material Handling: stock picking components and tools
  • Meat Packing: tag fastener
  • Power Equipment: bails, fan and machine guards, retaining rings, frames
  • Restaurant and Hotel Furnishings: heavy-duty coat hangers, coat racks
  • Sporting Goods: basketball hoops, golf bag stands, helmet facemasks

OEM & Quality Standard Specifications

Name Spec Number Description Plating Powder Coating Chemlok 8310
ANSI A250.10-1998 Salt Spray *
ASTM B117 Salt Spray * * *
ASTM B3359-02  Tape Test * * *
ASTM B456-03 Plating Spec Cu+Ni+Cr and Ni plus Cr *
ASTM D1186  Film Thickness * *
ASTM D1654 Accelerated Corrosion Test * * *
ASTM  D2794 Impact * * *
ASTM D3359 Tape Test * * *
ASTM D3363 Pencil Test * * *
ASTM D4060 Abrasion Test * * *
ASTM  D523 Gloss * *
Caterpillar 1E3273 Approved Supplier List
Caterpillar 1E19501 Lab Paint Spec *
Caterpillar 1E2139 Cat Powder Spec *
Caterpillar 1E1675 Coating Fastner *
Caterpillar 1E1850 Approved Supplier List *
Caterpillar 1E1950 Standard Top Coat for Metallic
Caterpillar 1E1951 Hi Performance Top Coat for
Metallic Substrates
Caterpillar 1E1952 Superior Performance Top Coat
for Metallic Substrates
Caterpillar 1E2001 Paint – Painting, Pack & Ship *
Caterpillar 1E2397 Hi Temp Black *
Caterpillar 1E2573 Supplier and New Prod Approval *
Caterpillar 1E2731 Paint – Std Primer for Metallic
Caterpillar 1E2732 Paint – Hi Perf Primer for
Metallic Substrates
Caterpillar 1E4520 Paint Bundling Yellow *
Caterpillar 1E4527 Paint Bundling Med Gloss Black *
Caterpillar 1E4093 Paint – Pretreatment *
Chrysler PS-10878 Chip Resistance *
GM 4298P Salt Spray *
GM 4348M Part Appearance *
GM 4350M Part Performance *
GM 4372M Decorative Chromium Plating *
GM 6164M Corrosive Protective Coatins *
GM 8101G Rating Scale *
GM 9071P Tape Test *
GM 9102P Creepback Test *
GM 9450P Accelerated Corrosion Test *
GM 9984132 Autodeopsition Coating for Steel *
GM 9984275 Polyester Top Coat for Parts *
GM 9984306 Powder Top Coat for Small Parts
(Limited UV exposure)
GM GP-5 Supplier Quality * * *
GM GP-8 Cont Improvement * * *
GM GP-12 Requirements * * *
GMW 14671 Material Spec Finish *
GMW 14700 Stone Impact *
GMW 14872 Cyclic Corrosion Testing *
Ford B1 123-01 Corrosion Testing *
Ford WSS-M2P117 Salt Spray *
Ford ESB-M70J4-A Paint, Powdered, Thermosetting
Ford WSS-M2P39-A3 Corrosion Testing *
Ford ESB-M70J5-A Paint, Powdered, Thermosetting
Ford WSS-M1A345 Engineering Spec – Cold Rolled
* * *
Ford WSS-M2P185 Paint Performance – Engines * *
Ford WSS-M21P39-A3 Corrosion Specification *
Deere JDMF9 John Deere Colors *
Harley ES805-43101 Design and Process Standards *
Honda HES D 2021-04 Corrosion Coatings *
International  TMS-9009 Painting Metal Parts *
Nissan NES M0007 Salt Spray *
Nissan NES 0007R06 Corrosion Test Method *
Nissan NES M5083 Rust Prevetive Coating
Nissan NES M0140 Salt Spray *
Nissan NES M0158  Corrosion Testing *
Nissan 55240-NDS00 Nissan Design Specifications *
Nissan 55240-NDS01 Nissan Design Specifications *
Oshkosh PS100 Pretreatment and Paint Specs *
Toyota TSH1582G Carbon Arc Test for Weathering
Paint Film
SAE J400 Chip Resistance *
SAE J 2 334 Surface Vehicle Standard *