The Finishing Company Acquires Jet Finishers, Inc.

The Finishing Company (TFC) Addison, Illinois, an industry leader in high quality coating services for OEM components, announced today the acquisition of Jet Finishers, Inc. located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The acquisition further expands TFC's capabilities to provide its customers with turnkey finishing, powder coating and silk screening services for technical coating markets, including the electronics, communications, aerospace, military and medical industries.

Who is Jet Finishers, Inc.

Jet Finishers, Inc. brings expertise in powder coating, wet coating, silk screening and masking services that meet the exacting requirements of the military, medical and telecommunications industries. Jet's capabilities include state-of-the-art finishing services for highly technical coatings, specializing in custom production runs.

We're excited about the acquisition of Jet Finishers, as it provides immense synergy with our existing business and will allow us to expand into new markets and meet the technical requirements for these high tech and high demand businesses. Jet Finishers is a leader in the market and we are proud to bring them into the TFC family of companies.

- says Bob Butler, VP Sales & Marketing.

Additionally, Rand Marks, the former President of Saturn Painting & Screening has joined the new Jet team. Rand brings thirty-five years of experience in the high end technical coating and hard silk screening markets. His expertise in the electronic, aerospace, architectural and communications industries strengthens the Jet management team, its technical knowledge and the consulting and service we provide our customers.

TFC and its new subsidiary are positioned to leverage their expertise in providing turnkey coating and finishing services to all industries, from exacting technical coatings to electroplating for OEM customers to autodeposition coatings for rubber to metal bonded components.

About The Finishing Company

TFC is an industry leader in providing coating, plating and finishing services to the OEM market. Established in Chicago in 1904, TFC celebrates 100+ years in the finishing industry and has established a reputation for utilizing innovative, state-of-the-art finishing processes to provide high quality, cost-effective coated products. The many services offered by TFC include nickel and chrome electroplating, powder coating, autodeposition and aqueous adhesive coatings.

TFC has been recognized for its commitment to developing and using environmentally-friendly processes and coatings, and is undergoing certification for ISO 14001. The company is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified.

TFC is privately owned.

Bob Butler
VP Sales & Marketing