Powder Coating

Finishing Company is a powder coating specialist located only 20 miles from Chicago, IL. Our facility is optimized to process small to medium sized metal parts and we provide two powder coating lines, excellent for medium to large production in a variety of colors. So whether you are looking at powder coating parts as small as brackets or powder coating an entire piece of sheet metal up to 12 feet long, 5 feet high and 4 feet wide. We monitor our systems continuously to ensure a consistent, quality finish.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is preferred over liquid paint because it is more durable, and safer for the environment. Powder coating protects against scratches, contact with chemicals, corrosion resistance, and retains its color and appearance when left in the elements.

Powder Coating Process

Before your metal surfaces are powder coated they are put through a 500 ft. three step, or 750 ft. five step pre-treatment automatic conveyor system. These can include pre-production inspection in order to eliminate problems with the powder coating process before they occur. In house, fluidized sand stripping system (for rack cleaning and reprocessing), as well as our required post-production inspections determine that each part meets or exceeds your expectations.

We carefully examine your product at every stage of production. Continuous monitoring during production insures a quality, consistent finish.

Powder Coating Color Options

We offer Custom Color Powder Coating along with color matching in three to five business days for any of your small to medium parts or metal pieces.

We are committed to setting the highest standards for service and quality in the industry.

Our quality control staff is dedicated to testing and inspecting your products to achieve the powder coatings they require.

Powder Coating Specifications

Caterpillar Spec Description
IE1675 Coating Fasteners
IE1850 Approved Suppliers
IE1950 Standard Top Coat
IE19501 Cat Lab Paint Spec
IE1951 Hi Performance Top Coat
IE1952 Superior Top Coat
IE2001 Painting, Packaging, Shipping
IE2397 Paint Hi-Temp Black
IE2573 Supplier & New Product Approval
IE2731 Standard Primer For Metal
IE2732 Hi Performance Primer For Metal
IE4093 Paint Pre-Treatment
Ford  ESB-M70J4A Powder Thermoset Epoxy
Ford  ESB-70J5 Powder Thermoset Polyester
GM 9984306 Powder Top Coat for Small Parts (Limited UV exposure)
GM 9984275 Polyester Top Coat
GM9984306 Powder Top Coat 

ASTM Quality Specifications

ASTM D523 Gloss Gloss
ASTM D1186 Film Thickness Film Thickness
ASTM D1654 Accelerated
Corrosion Testing
Accelerated Corrosion Testing
ASTM D2794 Impact Testing Impact Testing
ASTM D3359-02 Adhesion Tape Test Adhesion Tape Test
ASTM D3363 Pencil Test Pencil Test
ASTM D4060 Abrasion Test Abrasion Test