Nickel Electroplating

The Finishing Company continues to set the standard in nickel plating services. Since 1904 we have served our clients with high quality craftsmanship and first class personal service. Our commercial job shop is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is equipped with an automatic monorail conveyor line, allowing us to efficiently accommodate low to high volume nickel plating production.

Our Nickel Electroplating process adds a thin layer of nickel onto a metal object for decorative, engineering and electroforming purposes. The appearance of electro-deposited nickel can be varied from dull to bright nickel finishes. This comes from controlling the composition and operating parameters of the plating solution.

The Finishing Company consistently meets the most challenging quality standards in decorative finishing. From thickness levels to final appearance, our knowledge and process systems ensure your demands and timelines are met.

Some of our industrial applications can include:

  • Hog and cattle feed grids
  • Air conditioning fan guards
  • Air and gas compressor motor guards
  • Institutional table legs and frames
  • House boat storage shelving
  • Lawn and garden hand tools
  • Commercial light guards
  • Filing holders and frame

If you don’t see your particular use listed, please contact one of our experienced representatives today. Our expertise covers many nickel electroplating applications and we would be happy to review your specifications.