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Bright Chrome Plating - Decorative Chrome Plated Over Nickel - ASTM B456 | The Finishing Company - Chicago, IL

Bright Chrome Plating

The Finishing Company offers high quality decorative chrome covercoats over nickel electroplated surface. Our expertise with chrome plating includes bright, satin and dull finishes. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our electroplating production lines include a 1,100 foot automatic conveyor line to expedite low to high volume orders. The Finishing Company specializes in the electrodeposition of chrome to ASTM B456 standards.

Varieties of Chrome Plating

There are two main types of chrome plating used in industrial applications today: hard chrome plating (industrial chrome) and decorative chrome plating (bright chrome). Hard chrome plating deposits a thick layer of chromium metal onto steel components to for the benefit ofi improved surface hardness and wear resistance. Hard chrome plating is often used on tools and dies where increasing tool life through improved wear resistance is important.

Decorative (Bright) Chrome Plating Process

Decorative chrome plating is the process of depositing a thin layer of chromium over nickel-plated componenets as a decorative (bright) finish. The function of the thin layer of chromium is to prevent the nickel from oxidizing or tarnishing. The nickel surface keeps its intended finish longer, increases its wearability, provides another layer of protection and a simpler cleaning process.

Decorative chrome electroplating is sometimes referred to as nickel-chrome plating, as it always involves electroplating nickel on the object before plating chrome. Chrome electroplating is an exceptionally thin layer (sometimes 50 millionth of an inch) applied over the nickel.

We serve a variety of OEMs including automotive, recreational vehicles, household and commercial appliances, truck/bus, food processing and BBQ equipment.

Nickel & Chrome Plating to ASTM Specifications:

ASTM B117 - Requires that metal specimen or a specimen coated metal complete a salt spray test. This test checks whether the metal piece provides a suitable protection against a controlled corrosive environment.

ASTM B456 - This specification is for the use of an electrodeposited layer of copper + nickel + chromium or nickel + chromium. This electrodeposited layer is used in applications where both protection against corrosion and appearance are important.

Quality Testing Specifications for Nickel & Chrome:

  • ASTM D523 Gloss
  • ASTM D1186 Film Thickness
  • ASTM D1654 Accelerated Corrosion Testing
  • ASTM D2794 Impact Testing
  • ASTM D3359-02 Adhesion Tape Test
  • ASTM D3363 Pencil Test
  • ASTM D4060 Abrasion Test

The Finishing Company staff is readily available to provide a detailed quote. Contact us today to learn how we can accommodate your specific chrome electroplating requirements.