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Chemlok® 8310 Primer Coating - Rubber-to-Metal Primer for Steel | The Finishing Company - Chicago, IL

Chemlok® 8310 Primer Coating

Chemlok® 8310 Primer is a corrosion resistant coating that not only protect substrates against repeated wear, but also serves as a great primer for adhesives used in rubber to metal bonding. Chemlock® 8310, an autodeposition coating, is an environmentally friendly coating. Autodeposition is a unique, waterborne organic coating process with an ultra-low solvent content and contains no heavy metals. Chemlok® provides an excellent chemical and heat resistance and can be used as an outstanding standalone steel coating or a robust primer/topcoat for adhesive or organic coating systems.

Advantages of Chemlok® Coatings

  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Robust primer/topcoat
  • Delivers from 500-1000 hours of corrosion control
  • Provides excellent chemical and heat protection while being flexible enough to achieve 100-160 inch pounds in both direct and indirect impact testing
  • Mar/scratch resistance is outstanding
  • Final coatings provide uniform film, even over complex geometries.
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Contains minimal amounts of solvent and no toxic metals and operates in a closed-loop application process. Chemlok® coatings do not require rinsing or bath overflows. This reduces the impact on the environment.

Typical Applications for Chemlok® Coatings

Chemlok® coatings are environmentally friendly, auto depositing, water-based dip coatings that provide excellent corrosion protection and can be applied over steel substrates for the following applications:

  • A primer for adhesive systems (i.e. rubber-to-metal bonding applications)
  • A primer for organic coating systems
  • Primer/topcoat
  • A complete coating system for a variety of products and applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Functional applications, including:
    • Under-hood components
    • Suspension systems
    • Engine Cradles
    • Car & Truck Frames

Industrial Applications

  • Building products & supplies
  • Industrial bonding applications
  • Lawn & garden accessories
  • Wire fabrication & products
  • Motor & fan housings
  • Outdoor furniture & accessories
  • General finishing applications

Chemlok® Specifications

OEM Specification Description
Chrysler PS10878 Corrosion Resistance
  9984132 Autodeposition on Steel
Ford Bl-123-01 Corrosion Testing
  WSS-MIA345 Cold Rolled Steel Spec
WSS-M2P185 Paint Performance
WSS-M21P39-A3 Corrosion
GM GM4348M Painted Part Apperance
  GM6164M Corrosion Coatings
  GM8101G Rating Scale
  GM9071P Tape Test
  GM9012P Creepback Test Method
  GM9540P Accelerated Corrosion
  GM9984132 Autodeposition on Steel
  GMW14671 Underbody Performance
  GMW14872 Test Method
Honda ES805-43101-2 Process Standard
Nissan NES M0140 Salt Spray Test
  NES 083 2006-N Rust Preventative Coating
  NES M0158 Corrosion Test
  54320-ND501 Design Spec
  55240-ND500 Design Spec