Industrial Aqueous Based Coating Services

The Finishing Company offers a variety of industrial finishing services that create both functional and decorative metal components. As an ongoing effort to preserve the environment, The Finishing Company, only employs aqueous based coatings utilizing a closed loop system to eliminate hazardous VOCs. We operate four different metal coating platforms which include our Chemlok® 8310 coating, aqueous dip and spray adhesive, chrome and nickel electroplating and powder coating.

Applications that Require Decorative Metal Coatings

The Finishing Company works with our end users to create functional and often times high luster decorative metal coatings and finishes for their products. We deal with many applications such as corrosion resistant coatings, abrasion resistant coatings, and rubber to metal bonding. Our aqueous based coatings are especially helpful in the metal to rubber bonding process.

Metal Finishing Experts

Operating since 1904, The Finishing Company has continuously expanded its' technology. Our experience allows us to provide quality service, while meeting your specifications and delivery requirements.

TFC Group has actively incorporated all efforts to comply with environmental safety precautions, as it applies to VOC's and hazardous air pollutants. We treat internally generated waste products by optimizing waste water treatment through the use of closed loop systems. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our 75,000 square foot facility located in Addison, Illinois is capable of effectively producing both large and small orders expediently. Contact The Finishing Company with any questions. Our staff is readily available to discuss our quality coating and bonding services.

Industrial Coatings & Plating Solutions